Motorist offers the most amazing excuse for driving too close to cyclist


The arguments between motorists and cyclists continue to rage on Britain's roads on a daily basis.

Motorists feel that cyclists rarely observe the rules of the road and generally get in the way, while cyclists believe motorists seldom offer enough room or patience to the vulnerable individuals on two-wheels.

The advent of helmet-mounted cameras has seen a rise in the number of confrontations that are committed to film but few are as bizarre as the short film below.

In the clip, a cyclist can be seen raising his arms in anger as the driver of a black Ford Fiesta overtakes, leaving little room for error.

The man on two-wheels then sprints up to the queuing traffic, spots the Ford Fiesta driver and asks him to lower his window. The driver obliges and the cyclist politely says: "Can you just give us a bit more room next time please?"

At this point, one expects the driver in the woolly hat to explode in a fit of road rage but instead he points to his slightly unzipped jacket and says, "Sorry, I've got a parrot dying here."

The speechless cyclist can do little but utter an apology while the driver, reportedly from Liverpool, speeds off to save his sick bird.

It's certainly one of the most bizarre cyclist vs. motorist we've ever heard of.

Take a look at the clip below