Are these the world's weirdest car adverts?


Toyota advert

You'd think creating a great commercial for a car would be an easy business. A product that is inherently exciting, giving access to performance thrills and the freedom of the road should be as easy to market as drinkable water, right?

In the UK, motoring commercials are governed by a lengthy and rigid set of regulations, which stipulate that an advert cannot show a car being driven at speed, promote wreckless driving or anything else that might bring anarchy to our roads.

This has led advertisers to become increasingly clever in the way they market cars, with the ads for Volkswagwen and Audi worthy of particular mention.

Elsewhere in the world – particularly Japan – a different approach is taken, with the themes often having little in common with the product being showcased.

Below is our round up of some of the oddest car adverts on the Internet. Seen weirder? Feel free to post links in the comments section below.

2013 Suzuki Spacia Custom

A helicopter chase is guaranteed to impart all the glamour of Hollywood on your new car. That is unless it's done in the style of Benny Hill. The cast of 'secret agents' (one complete with stereotypical rain mac) and the jumping from helicopters (very realistic) are all very exciting, but there's one major flaw: spooks don't drive slow, boxy hatchbacks.

2013 Daihatsu Move

With another drab hatchback to promote, Daihatsu's ad agency thought the tense drama of a court case would raise excitement levels. There's all the shouting, counter-arguments and general courtroom action you'd expect, but most of it is between the lady in the dock, and the main 'witness', a talking bird. If there was ever proof that drinking before going into work is a bad thing, this is it.

2012 Toyota Porte

We don't even know where to begin with this one. A child rides on the back of a weird bird/man, and the on-looking parents, rather than screaming in horror are whooping with joy. Weird bird/man then loads the child into the back of (yet another) horrible hatchback, before accompanying the family on the drive home. If anyone has an explanation for this we'd love to hear it.

2014 Toyota Noah

Elijah Wood dressed as a creepy librarian not enough to persuade you to buy the Toyota Noah? How about Elijah Wood having a weird telepathic conversation with Peter Rabbit? Yes? Thought so.

2010 Mitsubishi RVR

As the residents of Somerset will tell you, cars and water do not mix. Mitsubishi's advert for its RVR compact SUV would likely have pedants in this country screaming about false advertising. But the car really is born from water, trust us, the screechy talking bird told us so...