Parked Ferrari gouged by lorry on London street


Ferrari 458 smash

Bad luck befell one Ferrari owner yesterday, who returned to his car to find it had been reversed into by a HGV.

The scarlet Ferrari 458 Italia – which starts at over £178,000 new – was parked in a roadside bay when it was struck by a white DAF truck, leaving a gaping hole in the side of the bodywork.

The lorry is operated by I.J McGill Transport, a Bristol-based company that has bee in business since 1979.

Police officers attended the scene but no arrests were made. The driver of the lorry was said to be shaken but not seriously injured, following the smash.

The incident happened in Kensington Square, one of the capital's most exclusive areas, and where the average house price is around £8million.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "Police were called at approximately 2pm to Kensington Square to a collision between a lorry and a parked vehicle. The parked vehicle is a red Ferrari and the lorry was a white DAF truck," reported the Daily Mail.

Click play below to watch a video of the Ferrari 458 being put through its paces on the track: