Video: Cyclists attack motorist in South Africa


The relationship between motorists and cyclists has never been the sweetest but things were taken to a whole new level in Cape Town, South Africa, recently.

Video footage showing a group of cyclists attacking a van driver was uploaded to YouTube just days ago and it has already provoked a stern response South Africa's premier cycling body, Cycling South Africa.

The clip shows a motorist and a group of wound-up cyclists arguing before one Lycra-clad loon pushes the front wheel of his bicycle through the van's open window, before raining punches down on the trapped driver and his passenger.

According to the owner of the video, the violence erupted when the leader of the cycling group had to aggressively swerve in order to miss the parked van, which upset him and his team enough to provoke a violent attack on the driver and passenger.

In light of the video, Cycling South Africa said: "Cycling SA condemns this type of behaviour in the strongest way possible, and in no way condones or accepts this type of behaviour."

The association said it will take "immediate action" against the cycling clubs seen in the footage.

Article by: Dr Daniel Streeter