Long term report: Farewell to the Skoda Citigo Sport


My word, those six months passed quickly. I hate to sound like an elderly person but it seemed like just five minutes ago when a nice man from Skoda dropped off our Citigo Sport.

And over the past six months I have rigidly stuck to giving the car its full name. In and around Gosport, a fair chunk of the Citigos driving around are driven by the Werthers Original generation.

So it was of little surprise to know that the Sport caused a fair amount of interest in petrol stations and supermarket car parks from mature passers-by.

It's been a great companion too. We chose our Sport in black with the optional two-tone alloys, privacy glass and parking sensors and it has been one of the smartest cars on the fleet.

It racked up 10,000 miles with us and has been everywhere – routinely enjoyed by the AOL Cars crew.

Personal highlights have been the handling, comfort and the sheer cheeky character the Citigo Sport exuded.

Negatives? Well, there have been just a couple. The 58bhp was just a little too mean in a car badged Sport and the fuel tank was just far too small – I know it's a city car but the way the fuel gauge read full one minute and then the next it was half-empty was annoying to say the least.

But overall it was a very lovely six months with Skoda's little car. It goes to show that the Czech brand can do no wrong at the moment.

Imagine a sporty little city car 20 years ago? God, I'm sounding like an old person again.

The knowledge

Model: Skoda Citigo Sport
Price: £11,050 (as tested)
Engine: 1.0-litre, three-cylinder, petrol
Power: 58bhp, 95Nm
Max speed: 99mph
0-60mph: 14.2s
Emissions: 105g/km
Mileage this month: 650