Fan almost hit by rally truck as she attempts to get the perfect photo


A female spectator had an incredibly close encounter with a desert rally car at this year's San Felipe 250 racing championship in Baja, California.

While attempting to capture a picture of herself with the speeding vehicle in the background, the ditzy lady stepped directly into its path as it hurtled towards her.

Luck must have been on her side that day as she managed to step off the track just milliseconds before the car truck turned her into mincemeat.

It is unclear as to whether the super fan managed to get a photo of herself with the speeding car, but it seems she did come away with a rapidly beating heart and possibly some soiled underwear.

The San Felipe 250 racing championship is part of a five-race series that pits ATVs, off-road trucks and rally-spec cars against each other in a Dakar-esque sprint to the finish line.

The video below shows footage of the near-miss, captured by a fellow spectator's mobile phone.

It may be a short clip but it serves as a powerful reminder of just how dangerous motorsport can actually be.

Click play below.

Article by: Connor Mackay