Geneva 2014: the weird and the wonderful


After an extremely busy and exciting first day at the 2014 Geneva motor show, the schedule let up enough to allow for some relaxed perusing.

In amongst the glistening Audis, slowly rotating Bugattis and gaggles of Renault Twingos, sat a number of strange and largely unheard of automotive manufacturers that hoped to attract the attention of the world's media with products that ranged from the innovative to the bizarre.

Take a look at the list below for a sneak peek into the weirder side of Europe's most famous motor show...

Pariss electric roadster

Based on the two-seater sports cars of 1960's Britain, this eye-catching electric prototype aims to add a dash of luxury to the battery-powered sports car market. The French outfit uses a cutting edge carbon fibre monocoque chassis that keeps weight down, which is good because the battery technology and two electric motors aren't exactly featherweight. Designer and founder Damien Biro claims it can complete the 0-60mph sprint in under four seconds and boasts a range of 200km.

Mansory golf cart

When a company specialises in lavishing thousands of pounds on already expensive supercars, why not have a go at the humble golf cart? This neat little wagon features a full leather interior, LED lamps and garish Mansory chrome, carbon and aluminium detailing throughout. It's certainly one way to stand out on the golf course.

Rinspeed Xchange concept

Don't think the notion of a driver-less car is the reserve of only the largest manufacturers as Swiss automotive researcher Rinspeed has offered its idea of futuristic travel. The Xchange concept is based on the current Tesla Model S but features an interior that is entirely focused on occupant relaxation. That means the seats swivel, slide and recline, allowing passengers to face each other and chat or lay back and get some sleep. All the while the vehicle uses radar, GPS and Wi-Fi technology to autonomously complete the journey. The driver can swivel back around and take control at any time but with internet connectivity, a television and even an espresso machine on board, why would you want to?

Biofore concept car

It may look a bit like a glorified mobility scooter but this little city car aims to show the world that cheap and environmentally harmful plastics don't have to be used in automotive manufacturing. The Biofore concept is crafted entirely from safe and durable biomaterials, so expect to see thermoformable (a great word) wood used in the cabin and injection moulded biocomposites for exterior body panels. We will admit it all looks a little bit like a patchwork project inside but if it can help cut pollution and save waste, we're all for it.

NanoFlowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine

Once you're over the ridiculously long title, it's time to take a closer look at the facts and figures: according to its Lichenstein-based creators, the Quant e-Sportlimousine can complete the 0-60mph dash in 2.8 seconds thanks to a powerful electric motor mated to each wheel. The "Formula 1 performance", as NanoFlowcell refers to it, is wrapped up in a massive limousine shell that is longer and wider than the Mercedes S-Class. The battery technology involved is also said to be moving the game on somewhat but keen readers will have flicked through our live Geneva blog, where we revealed the array of technical glitches NanoFlowcell experienced while unveiling its project to the world's media.

Geneva motor show: weird and wonderful

Geneva motor show: weird and wonderful