Cyclist hits back at Top Gear's recent 'traffic light' jibes with viral video


After a recent episode of Top Gear mocked cyclists for not paying attention to traffic lights, one two-wheeled expert and YouTube, who goes by the name of CycleGaz, donned his Lycra and hopped on his bike to prove Jezza, Hamster and May wrong.

During Sunday's episode, presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May produced a short public service announcement that suggested cyclists do not know the difference between red and green, making them a hazard at traffic lights.

The humorous clip featured a cyclist fretting over which wire to cut on an explosive device, with a radio operator shouting in his ear to 'cut the green wire'.

The cyclist eventually cuts the red wire, blows himself up and the slogan "Cyclists. Red and Green. Learn the bloody difference" appears on the screen.

London-based pedal-pusher CycleGaz took it upon himself to edit together footage that he had gained from hours of GoPro camera recordings to reveal that drivers are just as hazardous at traffic lights as cyclists.

In an attempt to mock the TV giants, he even tries to tweak the witty slogan by replacing the word "cyclists" with "motorists".

His video, accompanied by his own sarcastic commentary, has reached nearly 50,000 views on YouTube, however, it is unlikely to change the opinions of Clarkson and Co.

If you have a spare six minutes and 58 seconds, click play below and check out Gaz's video

Article by: Harry Boucher