Geneva motor show 2014: Live Report


Geneva 2014

Today sees the opening of one of the hottest events in the motoring calendar, the Geneva motor show. Being neutral territory for the majority of the world's carmakers, it sees all the big reveals, and there are always a few surprises in store.

AOL Cars' Editor James Baggott is on the ground at the show, reporting live, alongside News Editor Leon Poultney and award-winning journalist James Batchelor, who will be updating this article with the latest events as they happen.

So, keep it here for the most up-to-date goings on from this year's Geneva show. Also, check out our stars of the show HERE.
>Final update: James Batchelor

Geneva show

Despite our constant updates today, nothing really has my fancy. It's been a bit of a weird Geneva this year. Few concepts and loads of production ready cars but nothing that has got me really excited. But for the sake of this update my star of the show has to be the Twingo. The old one was such a disappointment - it couldn't have been less like the original car. However it seems Renault is back on form with this new one. If it drives as well as it looks and is positioned correctly - price it cheaply Renault! - it'll walk out of showrooms. The new Citroen C1, Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo lack something. The Twingo is bang on.

James Baggott - 1700


And that's about that for press day at the Geneva Motor Show. We've conducted 14 interviews, photographed a lot of metal and lusted over quite a few cars of the future. Star of the show for me? Hard and I'm going for two - one dream car and one real world. The former is the Lamborghini Huracan. Yes, it may look a little like the old one but I love it - and I bet it's going to sound as good as it'll drive. Real world choice has to be the Renault Twingo - everyone loves a proper cool little French city car and this has all the makings of being a corker. I can't wait to drive it.

James Batchelor - 1613

Mazda is getting the party poppers out as it gears up to celebrate 25 years of its MX-5 roadster. We're still none the wiser what the new one will look like but Mazda promises it will reveal more later this year. In the meantime, here are all the new car's predecessors.

James Baggott - 1610

Say hello to the Mazda Hazumi concept. The top bods at the Japanese firm are keeping pretty quiet about when this one will arrive but this is very close to a production ready Mazda 2. The current model still makes up 25 per cent of sales for the manufacturer so make no mistake this car is key. Expect to see it late this year or early in 2015.

James Batchelor - 1405

Kia Stinger

Still no official word that Kia will build the GT4 Stinger - in fact they're remaining predictably tight-lipped about their entire sports car programme. But they do say now is the right time to create a halo sports car as they have now launched all their core products. Come on Kia... Just build the damn thing!

James Batchelor - 1400

It may be old but Smart has pulled its socks up and made some funky special edition ForTwos. It now means a Smart can be ordered in virtually any combination you like. Here are some examples - warning it may hurt your eyes

James Baggott - 1530

With the motor show halls filling up to capacity with strange hat wearing gentlemen and epic mullet sporting German hacks the battle is not to find the latest cars anymore but the fastest wifi. Currently topping the leaderboard for upload speed is Mazda, closely followed by the MI5-security level German network from the Volkswagen Group. JLR's wifi seems to be overwhelmed with excited Brits posting pictures of the feisty new Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake... so we've given up there.

James Baggott - 1515

I've never been a fan of big Mercedes, preferring instead the rival with the blue and white propeller, but this thing is stunning. It's the S-Class Coupe and although barge-like in length it hides its girth remarkably well.

Leon Poultney - 1435

Nanoflowcell Quant

Meet the Nanoflowcell Quant. The USP? It uses some trick battery technology that can rocket the 'sports limousine' from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds. That's what they told us, anyway. It's also unique in the fact that it is entirely controlled by a smartphone. The car's designer tried three times to open the door to no avail. Back to the drawing board boys.

Leon Poultney - 1415


I think I've just been sick and it's not due to the dodgy finger food on the Vauxhall stand, it's because tuning outfit Nimrod has decided to massacre a number of supercars. This is (or should we say was) a Ferrari 458 and, believe it or not, it's actually one of the more subtle makeovers. I'm surprised someone from Ferrari hasn't marched over and had a stern Italian word.

James Baggott - 1330

Audi TT

Audi managed to keep this one under wraps. Captured on Vine below is the Audi TT quattro sport concept. Stripped out and sporting a 420hp 2.0-litre TFSI engine, we're told its a two-fingered salute to Mercedes and their powerful petrol engine, which it top-trumps. The good news is although this is a concept we will see this engine making an appearance some time soon. The new TT (pictured above) is taking pride of place on the German firm's stand. Up close its fresh face looks good and that all digital dash - that can replace clocks for a full screen sat nav display - is brilliantly simple.

James Baggott - 1300

Pagani Zonda Revolucion

Wonder where the world's carbon fibre has gone? Wonder no more! Meet the Pagani with more wings than the RAF. Caked in carbon, the Zonda Revolucion looks like a bacon slicer that has mated with the Batmobile. It's crazy but really rather cool.

James Batchelor - 1257

Hyundai Genesis

Fancy a posh Hyundai that rivals a 5 Series BMW? Well you better register your interest with Hyundai HQ - the company only expects to sell 10-20 units of its upmarket Genesis saloon in a year. "It's a showcase of what we can do - we don't want to sell 100s," Hyundai's UK president tells me.

James Baggott - 1253

Disco Volante

Recognise this? It's the Touring Superleggera Disco Volante of Top Gear fame. The new one is in the background and the original car it's based on in the foreground. Both look stunning and it's easy to see why Jeremy Clarkson got rather excited about it. Beautiful.

Leon Poultney - 1250

VW Caravelle Concept

Volkswagen has gone SUV mad with the official reveal of T-ROC concept. Smaller than the Tiguan and larger than a Taigun, it's a feisty 'soft-roader' that's actually pretty adept at tackling the muddy stuff.

But forget all that, as we stumbled across this brilliant Caravelle Alltrack Concept. It's a bit like our long term California but minus the beds and sporting a raised ride height and chunky body addenda. Inside, there's sleek wooden floors, executive chairs, a large fridge and gas hob. It's the ultimate weekend getaway vehicle.

James Baggott - 1240

Dacia show stand

Dacia has a huge stand at Geneva. It's away from Renault's too which shows the distinction between the two brands. Despite the fact there's little new to talk about, the space it occupies is telling as to the strides this budget brand is making in Europe.

James Batchelor - 1200

Mini Clubman concept

Clubman Concept - loses dangerous rear door but also ditches any similarities with original Mini Countryman/Traveller. Why Mini insists on calling its estate car Clubman when it was originally called Countryman befuddles me. This is a certainly a looker, though.

Mini stand Geneva

Reveal of Clubman Concept is full of people on push bikes, high-fiving directors and PRs in bowler hats. Just a bit OTT.

new Mini

Still not sure whether I like the new Mini or not. Me being a disgruntled owner of the current car may have something to do with it. Is that nose just a little too bulbous?

James Baggott - 1150

Sebastien Loeb

Great one-on-one chat with WRC legend Sebastien Loeb. He's a proper car nut with a Lamborghini Aventador in his current collection alongside a 911 Turbo. He'd make a good salesman too, as he tried to off-load the former on to us. We chatted first cars and learning to do handbrake turns in a field with his dad. A full interview with the rally ace will appear on AOL Cars soon so I won't spoil that with all the detail now... He's second from left in the above picture if you're wondering.

James Baggott - 1130

Citroen lunch

Time for a quick lunch stop on the Citroen stand. This motor show grub certainly beats a six-inch Subway. It's got flowers on it and EVERYTHING!

James Batchelor - 1105

Mitsubishi concept

Mitsubishi has struck gold with this - the Concept XR-PHEV. It looks fantastic and has more than a passing resemblance to the Range Rover Evoque. Knowing Mitsubishi's record in producing cars that look very much like concept cars, the new ASX, due in two years time, will probably look like this. Lovely!

skoda concept

Skoda's four-door coupe concept is certainly grabbing people's attention. It's an absolute stunner, largely thanks to some nice accessories clad in white. It's an exciting concept but surely it moves Skoda away from it's core market and positioning?

James Baggott - 1050

James Batchelor - 1045

Volkswagen UK MD says we can expect more cars like Golf GTE. The combination of a powerful petrol engine that spares a thought for the environment will be really tempting for customers, especially in the UK. He also said the brand could be doing more to promote it's involvement in WRC and do more than just styling packs for the Polo. What that is he wouldn't say, but expect more motorsport passion from the brand soon.

James Baggott - 1040

James Batchelor - 1025

Jacky Ickx

F1 legend and multiple Le Mans winner Jacky Ickx on the Porsche stand during the reveal of their new car to tackle the notorious French endurance race. The comeback of Porsche to Le Mans is great news and one which is sure to get sister brand Audi a little worried.

James Batchelor - 1015

Just had a chat with SEAT UK MD who confirmed that Cupra performance range-toppers will be extending into more model lines. Cupra will appear on at least one more model in the Leon range but he ruled out there ever being a Mii Cupra. The Cupra badge should only adorn the most technologically advanced cars and the Mii doesn't fit that, being positioned more as a fashion and lifestyle city car. He admitted Seat UK hasn't done a great job with Mii but believes that will change in the future.

James Baggott - 1000

Lamborghini Huracan is unbelievably gorgeous up close. None of the press pictures so far have done it justice. On the stand in white, yellow and grey, all three look incredible. The Aventador is somewhat overshadowed at the back of the stand. Finally a challenger to the Ferrari 458? On looks at least it's a close call.

James Baggott - 0950

Just had a chat with Nissan MD Jim Wright. The brand is in a good place right now with the new Qashqai performing above his expectations. A new Juke is on the stand which showcases some subtle changes - and currently under the cover is the new Nismo RS version. This will be hotter than the standard version. Wright also said a Nismo version of their yet-unnamed hatchback is on the cards already which is set to take the fight to the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Leon Poultney - 0945

Volvo concept

The Volvo Estate Concept was met with big applause. A stunning concept that looks as ace on the inside as it does outside. Highlights include electrically operated doors, floating front seats and a sort of Gingham check design on the interior fabrics. A Volvo spokesperson, who shall remain nameless, told us that the front end is pretty much production ready and will definitely appear on new XC90. The concept is also based on Volvo's new underpinnings so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to make this stunning shooting brake a reality.

James Baggott - 0930

Renault Twingo

New Twingo is taking the show by storm. Looks incredible and with rear engine under the boot floor and rear wheel drive it promises lots. We won't get to drive it until September when it goes on sale - they'll be no early drives of this car - but from what we've been told by a Renault spokesman it'll be impressive (funny they said that). He also hinted at a potential hot RS version. There are no firm plans yet but he smiled when we asked him whether we'll ever see a truly sporty version. Out only complaint would be small boot space what with the engine under the boot floor and no storage space under the bonnet either. Still, if it's priced right, Renault will have few problems shifting these in big numbers.

James Batchelor - 0920


Currently waiting for the new Bugatti to be revealed. Lots and lots of dramatic music and references to art, function and culture. We all know it's not new - just another special edition. It's a symphony in brown and beige. Ironic it's been launched next to the new Koenigsegg, which has been sitting here for the past two hours for all the world to see.


Just three of these limited editions will be built. Two are already sold. It's called 'Bugatti Gran Sport Vitesse The Legend of Bugatti'.

Leon Poultney - 0900

Gumpert Explosion

Check out the Gumpert Explosion! The mad manufacturers of the Apollo supercar has crafted a potent Audi TT lookalike. It features a 2.0-litre engine that develops around 420bhp. The 0-60mph sprint it completed in 3 seconds and it can tickle the 180mph mark with ease. No word on price and we're unlikely to see it on UK roads any time soon.

Leon Poultney - 0830

McLaren 650S

The McLaren 650S in the flesh. Unfortunately it is a little disappointing. Nestled between the Pagani and Lamborghini stands, it comes across a little weedy. More disappointment ensues at the rear where it is a carbon copy of the 12C. Our advice? Save up for a P1!

James Batchelor - 0810

Lambo rear end

My favourite view of the new Lamborghini Huracan. The short rear overhang works really well. But why is Lambo offering it in this miserable shade of grey?

James Batchelor - 0800

Civic development mule

This is the Civic Type R development mule. While the concept is grabbing show goers' attention this is a better example of how the road car will look.

James Baggott - 0745

Jaguar show stand

Our first launch of the day isn't for a car but a motor show stand. Only Jaguar Land Rover could pull that one off with a proper press conference and everything. The lure of a hot breakfast was enough to tempt the world's press to that stand they call 'The Residence'. It's 30 per cent lighter than before, designed by Ian Callum and Jerry McGovern and full of cool touch screens, huge LED displays and comfy sofas. Impressive, but not quite as impressive as the company's new XFR-S Sportbrake.