Parking wardens ticket driver who'd broken down in the middle of the road


BRF7XY parking ticket,penalty charge notice

Two parking wardens in Brighton are doing their best to be nominated for 'jobsworths of the year', after bring spotted issuing a driver a ticket after he broke down in the middle of a busy road.

With the driver having left his stricken car in search of help, the pair from Brighton and Hove City Council, East Sussex, saw the opportunity to kick him while he was down and slap a ticket on the windscreen of his silver Volkswagen Passat saloon.

Disbelieving passer-by, Estelle Francis, 33, who photographed the incident, told the Daily Mail: "I was walking by and thought the two men were police.

"But then I saw them putting a ticket on the windscreen. I couldn't believe it, it was clear the driver had broken down, the hazard lights were on."

This latest incident is unlikely to increase the popularity of Brighton and Hove City Council amongst local residents, as it has previously been heavily criticised for the amount of revenue it generates through parking fines.

In December last year, the council revealed that a staggering £16.3 million profit was made from parking services in 2012/13, the most of any local authority outside of London.

A council spokesman stated: "We don't provide commentary on individual cases," reported the Daily Mail.

Continuing, he said: "The driver is well within their rights to make a case for appeal. That will be considered in time."

Harry Boucher