Female driver escapes seatbelt fine because she claimed it 'hurt her breasts'


smiling young woman in car...

A woman driver has dodged a £500 fine for not wearing her seatbelt correctly after informing police officers that the safety device was 'hurting her breasts'.

Officers from the Lincolnshire Road Policing Unit spotted the lady driver operating her vehicle in Grantham, Lincolnshire, without wearing her seatbelt correctly.

The officers pulled her over and asked why she was wearing the seatbelt with one of the straps tucked under her arm and she simply replied: "Because it hurts my boobs."

Officers decided to let the lady driver off with a few words of advice and then the police force took to Twitter to inform the world of the recent events, saying: "Female driver stopped in Grantham wearing her seat belt under arm.

"Advice given, she replied "it hurts my boobs" I've heard it all now."

Fellow social media users showed their support for the female dirver, with one user saying: "They really do sometimes. But then, I suspect going through a windscreen hurts more."

Later, the Lincolnshire Roads Policing Unit returned to the social media website to clarify the situation, saying: "It is classed as not wearing a seat belt if not worn correctly. Also it could cause more injury."

Clearly impressed with the busty driver's charms, Twitter user Beth Quinton added: "I thought this sort of thing only worked in the movies. Fair play to her, the officers must have fell for her charms.

"To be honest us girls would all try that if we were in a similar position."