Alfa Romeo 4C tackles Goodwood hill-climb


Alfa 4C Goodwood

A big name amongst performance car enthusiasts for decades, Alfa Romeo lost its way in recent years, offering pretty but dull hatchbacks and saloons, and nothing in the way of a real driver's car.

That has all changed with the arrival of the 4C. Light, low and wide, the two-seater sports car has been shorn of all unnecessary weight in the name of nimbleness and driver interaction. It doesn't even have power steering.

Despite only being fitted with a 237bhp 1.8-litre turbocharged motor, the 4C's tiny 895kg kerb weight sees it put in an impressive 61.1 second time on the daunting Goodwood hill climb, beating the vastly more powerful Corvette Stingray.

Pro racer Anthony Reid is the man behind the wheel, and talks us through what has to be one of the most exciting cars we'll see all year.

Click play below to see him deliver his verdict on the beautiful 4C.