Celebrity driving reality TV show set for ITV


Joey Essex Fragrance Launch - London

Just when you thought all of the ideas had been scraped from the reality TV barrel, ITV are there to prove that people will literally watch anything, with a new idea involving celebrities mentoring 'problem' drivers.

Hoping to capitalise on the inexplicable popularity of shows such as 'Splash', in which Speedos enthusiast Tom Daley taught an array of 'celebs' (when was the last time you saw Michaela Strachan in the limelight?) how to jump off a diving board without belly-flopping, the new show has been provisionally dubbed 'Driving With The Stars'.

According to reports, TV personalities Julie Hesmondhalgh (formerly of Coronation Street) and Joey Essex (The Only Way is Essex) have already been recruited, and are ready to impart their pearls of motoring wisdom onto the nation's worst drivers.

With nary a DSA qualification between them, quite how much use they're going to be remains to be seen. Though, that's likely the point. Even Jim Davidson, who was banned from driving in 2011, is a favourite to join the lineup.

Thankfully, candidates for the driving school won't have to suffer the sage road-knowledge of Amy Childs single handedly. Motoring experts will be on hand to make sure things don't go too awry.

While no details have been confirmed, the show is expected to reach our TV screens this summer.

A source told The Sun: "It's a definite goer. Imagine seeing Joey Essex trying to explain to someone how to do a U-turn, or Amy Childs giving a masterclass on the three-point turn - it could be comedy gold."