Stowaway cat gives service centre staff a scare


stowaway cat

Staff at a Hyundai dealership got a shock when they opened the bonnet of a car and a stowaway cat leapt out at them.

Service technicians at Berkeley Vale Motors in Bristol had just begun performing a health-check on an otherwise innocuous looking i10 supermini when the feline passenger was discovered.

"It jumped right over the technician's shoulder," service advisor Jason Matthews told AOL Cars. "It gave him quite a fright."

It is unclear quite how the moggy managed to get inside the engine bay, but it had been there since the car's owner left home and drove to the dealership – a distance of around 28 miles.

"All the stray hairs left behind suggest the cat wedged itself up behind the battery," explained Matthews.

Upon being freed from its steely confines, the unidentified cat ran amok in the service area, before hiding behind a tyre-fitting machine.

"It was utterly terrified and wouldn't let any of us near it. We had to call the vet, who obviously has a better way with animals. She managed to simply go behind the machine and pick it up."

Now in the care of the local veterinary practice, the black and white cat was uninjured by its ordeal, and is microchipped, meaning the owner should be relatively easy to trace.

The furry stowaway caused such a commotion that Berkeley Vale took to its Twitter account to announce the news: