Watch Kimi Raikkonen spin a LaFerrari during testing


The world's most powerful hypercars require some of the world's greatest drivers to extract every last drop from their highly-tuned engines, so it comes as no surprise that Ferrari selected F1 superstar Kimi Raikkonen to thrash the Italian marque's latest offering.

Ice-cool Finnish driver Kimi was roped in to put the 950bhp LaFerrari through its paces on the Fiorano race circuit but, in an uncharacteristic move, he managed to spin the machine clean off the track.

Clearly driving the hybrid hypercar at the very limit, Kimi turns into a tight left-hander and accelerates out with gusto. The tail of the LaFerrari steps out and the F1 champ does his best to catch it, but fails.

The car spins off the track in a cloud of dust and grass clippings, but being a level headed professional, Kimi simply spins the motor around and drives away as if nothing has happened.

In fact, the 'little off' clearly didn't phase the man as he later sticks his right foot to the floor with such menace that he manages to get the Ferrari to spit flames from its exhaust pipes.

Ferrari LaFerrari specs:

Engine: 6.3-litre V12 + electric motors
Power: 950bhp, 700Nm
0-60mph: Sub 3-seconds
Top speed: 217mph
Price: £1million (est)

Watch the high-octane footage below