Revolutionary new smartphone app helps motorist contest parking fines


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A new app that allows enraged motorists to query and contest parking fines has taken California by storm.
> The makers of the 'Fixed' application aim to hand power back to the driver and allow them to contest parking fines that seem unfair or unduly harsh.

Drivers simply download the free application (that is currently being trialled in California), take a photo of the offending parked car and follow a few more simple steps. The app will then ask the driver to take a photo of the parking ticket, enter the violation code and it will then access a database to determine the best way of fighting the ticket and the probability of success.

The clever gadget then presents the user with the most common parking ticket errors and asks for any evidence that may support the case to be snapped by the smartphone owner.

Fixed then prepares a contest letter, complete with photographic evidence, and sends it to the appropriate department on the driver's behalf.

The application has been a huge success in California and its creators hope to have a similar piece of technology available to UK road users by 2015.

David Hegarty, one of the minds behind the application, told The Express: "After paying four parking tickets one morning, I came out to my car and found another two. I nearly screamed.

"The tickets were complete rubbish, and I knew they had been erroneously issued.

"So I figured out how to contest them, collected my evidence and submitted my appeal. I won both.

"After that, I started contesting all my tickets, and I discovered I had a pretty good hit rate."

He added: "There are a 1,000 different parking rules, they are horrifically hard to understand, and the parking wardens have to make hundreds of decisions each day under pretty stressful conditions.

"No wonder they make mistakes. We're here to give the driver a voice and make sure they get treated fairly."

Although the application is free to download, the company charges 25 per cent of the ticket should the complaint be successful.