Magician escapes vehicle collision unhurt


hand holding magical wand...

A former magician has had a lucky escape, after crashing his car so badly it came to a halt on its roof.

Leaving a karaoke night at a pub in the town of Airdrie, Scotland, Brian Miller skidded while negotiating a roundabout, clipped the kerb and struck a lamppost, which rolled his car, leaving it the wrong way up.

However, the wand-waver, whose stage name is Ross Owen, escaped without serious injury, suffering only a cut to the top of his head.

The same could not be said for his car, which is likely to be written-off by insurers due to the extent of the damage.

Speaking about the crash to the Daily Record, Miller said: "I don't know if it was something on the road.

"I wasn't speeding but I felt the car going into a skid and tried to regain control.

"Everything seemed to go in slow motion and, before I knew it, the car was on its roof.

"I somehow managed to get out – I think through the window – but then I realised the engine was still running and crawled back in to get the keys."

Brian has since speculated that there may have been spilled diesel on the road, which could have caused him to lose control.

Despite being unsure exactly how he survived such a violent collision, Miller does not credit his magician skills.

"A couple of folk have been having a laugh and commented on it because many still refer to me as a magician," he said.

"I am always being asked to perform tricks and I still keep my hand in but I don't really do magic shows these days.

"It became unfashionable for a while but the new generation of magic men on television like Dynamo have meant a bit of a revival – but this is one trick I don't want to pull again."