Killer 110mph driver jailed


police warning tape

A motorist who caused the death of a teenage girl after crashing at high speeds has been handed a nine-year jail sentence.

Thirty five-year-old James Neill, of Argyll, Scotland, reached speeds of up to 110mph, before losing control of his Honda Civic on the A83 near Erines in the summer of 2012.

He crashed after entering a bend at over 70mph, leaving the road and hitting a huge boulder, which bounced him back onto the road.

All three of his passengers sustained injuries in the collision, including 17-year-old Natasha Clark, who was rushed to hospital but later died.

At Neill's trial at Edinburgh's High Court, Judge Lord Stewart described his speed as "grossly excessive", reported the BBC.

"The danger to passengers of your vehicle and other road users was obvious but you continued in complete disregard of pleas to slow down," he continued.

One witness, Davie Russell, who had been travelling in the opposite direction, told the court that it was the fastest he had ever seen anyone drive down that stretch of road.

After crashing the car, Neill told his front seat passenger, who had only received minor injuries, that he "wasn't speeding".

The court heard that instead of immediately calling emergency services, he rang a friend and asked if she could come and pick him up.

It wasn't until other motorists stopped at the scene that an ambulance was called for.

On top of his custodial sentence, Neill was banned from driving for 15 years and will have to sit an extended driving test before being allowed back behind the wheel.