Video: The first Ford Mustang ever sold


First Mustang ever sold

Friday April 17 1964 was a day that was to change the automotive landscape in the USA forever, for it was on that day that the original Ford Mustang was launched, creating demand for affordable performance 'muscle' cars that continues even fifty years later.

However, one Chicago school teacher beat everyone else to the punch, when she went to her local Ford dealer and drove out – completely by coincidence – with the first Mustang ever sold, two days before the car's official showroom debut.

Despite the huge amount of hype surrounding the all-new model at the time, Gail Wise had no idea of the significance of the car she had just bought. Costing $3,400, her sky blue convertible V8 drew attention from almost everyone she passed.

Unfortunately, due to mechanical issues, the car was left in storage for 27 years, before in 1996, Gail and her husband Tom decided to restore it to its former glory.

And what a job they did. Gleaming in the sunshine, the car looks as though it has just left the factory, and gives Gail the same movie star feeling she got when she first drove it as a 22-year-old.

Click play below to watch their heart-warming tale, and prepare to want your very own classic Mustang.