Pair 'lucky to be alive' after car rolls onto its roof


A pair of Sunday drivers made a lucky escape when the car they were travelling in left the road, flipped upside-down and became wedged into a hedge on Grange Road, Croydon during the early hours of Sunday morning.
> An officer from the Selhurst Safer Neighbourhoods Team discovered the stricken vehicle precariously balanced between a hedge and a pathway before firefighters brought in heavy lifting equipment to tow it away.

Sergeant David Deuchar posted photos of the scene on Twitter, saying: "A very lucky driver and passenger. The hedge was holding the car back and preventing it from rolling into houses.

"Driver will be facing investigation for driving offences #LuckyToBeAlive".

According to police, the driver was later released without being charged after taking a breath test.

Sergeant Deuchar took to Twitter to add: "Driver released from custody as wasn't over the limit. #SkinOfTheirTeeth".

A spokesperson for the London ambulance told The Evening Standard that emergency services were dispatched to the scene but neither driver nor passenger needed hospital treatment.

Sergeant Deuchar suggested the incident should serve as a reminder of the dangers involved in driving after a heavy night of drinking.

He wrote on the social network: "Big lesson for people who drink a lot at night and then get in their car the next morning. #PlayingWithFire #DrinkDriving #ItCouldBeYou."