Road-ready Zenvo ST1 makes a date with Geneva


The 1088bhp Swiss speed machine is due to make its European debut at the Geneva motor show later next month where it will show off the progress made since its initial unveiling in 2008.

The ST1 has stuck to the original computer generated designs in terms of aggressive bodywork and an eye-catching exterior, even the gaping front fascia appears to have remained on the production model.

A supercharged and turbocharged 6.8-litre V8 remains the powerplant of choice and that's no bad thing as it develops a truly mind-melting 1088bhp and 1430Nm torque.

Zenvo ST1

Zenvo ST1

Visitors to the Zenvo stand will also be treated to a peek inside cockpit that, although not particularly arresting, still boasts neat touches such as carbon fibre trim, figure-hugging racing seats and a heads-up display for easy speed readouts.

But this car isn't about swanky interiors and cutting-edge gadgets; it's about an enormous engine that's capable of dragging the ST1 from 0-62mph in just three seconds and then on to a top speed of 233mph.

There isn't any news on price just yet but don't expect to be walking into a local dealer and laying down a deposit any time soon as each car is likely to be hand-crafted to order.

One lucky car enthusiast managed to capture the Zenvo ST1 testing at the Monza circuit. The video below gives a good impression of how it will sound while screaming down a road near you.