Video: Kia driver crashes through Ferrari showroom window


A video has surfaced online that shows an allegedly drunk driver recovering after crashing through the window of a swanky Ferrari dealership before promptly driving away.

The clip, which first surfaced on JustinsSupercars YouTube channel, sees a Kia driver 'parked' inside a Qatar Ferrari dealership, surrounded by broken glass and debris as a security official frantically radios for assistance.

The unnamed driver appears stunned at first but as soon as he or she regains composure, the reportedly 'drunk' motorist proceeds to back out of the Doha dealership and speed off down the road.

Details of the incident remain scarce as the original owner of the video – titled 'Drunk driver crashes into Ferrari Showroom and escapes!' - is yet to come forward with further details but it is understood that no Ferraris were harmed during the making of the short clip.

Click play on the video below