Woman fires live round into McDonald's drive-thru after receiving wrong order



A 29-year-old Michigan woman was arrested on Monday after police officials say she fired a live round through a McDonald's drive-thru window after a member of staff failed to put bacon in her burger.

Police tracked down Shaneka Monique Torres shortly after the incident as she had handed her phone number to the manager of the restaurant just minutes before firing the weapon in a hope he'd call her to arrange a date.

Authorities say that Torres and another unidentified woman had previously ordered a meal at the restaurant - that is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan - earlier that day but the order was wrong.

In an attempt to smooth over relations, the manager promised the pair that they could eat for free next time they visited. The pair returned several hours later, where Torres began flirting with the manager, swapping numbers before placing an identical order to the one placed earlier in the day.

According to police, McDonalds staff made another mistake in the second order and forgot to put bacon in Torres's burger, causing the accused to get out of the car, pull out a handgun and fire at the drive-thru window.

Luckily, the bullet passed through the restaurant and no one was harmed.

Police caught up with Torres later in the afternoon thanks to the phone number passed on by the restaurant manager, where she was arrested on three felony charges stemming from the shooting.

Judge Kimberly Schaefer said she felt that "due to the nature of these charges, I believe significant bond is appropriate," reported the Detroit Free Press.

Bail was set at $50,000. Torres is due in court on February 21.