Top Gear allows fans to put their face in the driving seat


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A new Facebook application from the minds behind Top Gear allows viewers to stick their face in the 'reasonably priced car', allowing fans to imagine what it would be like to be The Stig's next apprentice.

Boffins from BBC Worldwide created a neat app on the show's Facebook page that allows the user to upload an image of his or her face and paste it into the helmet of the Star in a Reasonably Priced car.

It's all a bit of fun (apart from the fact the app requires access to your Facebook page and contacts) and serves as a neat little advert for the upcoming shows as users are urged to share the final image on their own social networking pages.

Unfortunately, you can't go sticking anyone's head in the driver's seat as the application only accesses a selection of personal profile picture. So there goes that excellent opportunity to whack Piers Morgan's puffy chops in the frame.

For non-Twitter frequenters among you, Morgan and Clarkson have famously exchanged verbal blows on the social network on numerous occasions, including Morgan's backhanded comment, "I don't drive reasonably priced cars".

Fancy seeing your face in the driver's seat? Head over to the Top Gear Facebook page now and look out for the Drive With The Stig application.

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