Video: Parking a car like a boss


BMW M3 parking drift

Everybody hates parking, don't they? Inching your pride and joy between unforgiving concrete pillars, leaving it at the mercy of other careless motorists and generally being fleeced for the privilege of housing your car in a dimly lit concrete structure that smells of wee, is as far removed from the promise of the open road as it is possible to get.

Unfortunately, for many of us this is a daily routine. But now one bright spark has decided to liven the drudgery of parking up a bit by drifting his car up the spiral ramp from the ground floor of a multi-storey, all the way to the top.

In an epic display of car control, the young man (who is – rather inevitably – dressed in tracksuit bottoms) pilots his BMW M3 with millimetric precision, and scales the car park in record time.

The scene was filmed for a short movie called 'Ugly Duckling' and – pay attention – took place in a closed car park with professionals at the wheel. DO NOT try this at home.

This isn't the only car park-based tomfoolery that has emerged recently. Earlier this month we brought you footage of another driver having a lark in his overpowered German saloon, setting the fire alarms off with a monstrous burnout.

Watch the video below (with thanks to Car Throttle).