Superstar DJ Deadmau5 gives his Ferrari 458 a mad makeover


The name Deadmau5 probably won't mean a lot to those who don't follow the dance music scene but we can assure you that the man who wears a massive mouse head at all gigs is enormous within these circles.
> In fact, Deadmau5 (real name Joel Thomas Zimmerman) has been nominated for 24 DJ and dance music awards and has won 11. The latest album 'Album Title Goes Here' reached Number One in both the US and UK Dance Album Charts and an impressive Number 9 in the UK Album Charts.

The international DJ has recently impressed fans further by revealing a new custom wrap job on his Ferrari 458 to his Facebook friends.

He chose to have popular Internet meme and viral video 'Nyan Cat' plastered across his Italian exotic in a bizarre show of distaste to the entire wrapping process.

Web commentators and forum users regularly embed the cat with the body of a Pop Tart into posts in order to irritate those in the webisphere, and now Deadmau5 has had the last laugh on the whole wrapping process with his colourful creation.

To top things off, the registration plate on the £200,000 supercar reads 'EPICLULZ'.

Excellent work Zimmerman, excellent work!

If you need reminding of the desperately irritating video that has somehow amassed nearly 106 million views, click play below.