Couple die from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning following tryst in car


a exhaust pipe of a car emitting fumes

A couple from Pennsylvania, USA, have tragically died after being overcome by noxious fumes while having sex in a car with the engine running.
> Keith Payton and Salina Johnson, both 40, had pulled into the closed garage where police suspected the couple had began having sex as Ms Johnson was partially clothed when they found her body, The Patriot News reported.

The car's ignition was on when emergency services found the couple but the car had run out of fuel. A kerosene heater was also running bit it too had run out of fuel.

Police detected dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide when they discovered the couple.

Old Lycoming Township police speculated that the couple were having a sexual relationship when they were overcome as Johnson was partially clad and marijuana and other drug paraphernalia were also found inside the car.

It is understood that Keith Payton had driven to the garage to fetch something for his brother and it wasn't until his worried sibling raised the alarm that the garage owner discovered the stricken couple.

The Daily Mail has reported that a similar incident occurred in New Jersey recently when a young couple pulled into a garage, closed the door and left the engine running.

Melissa Pereira and Jorge Rodriguez, found Dead in a garage behind the apartment complex where Pereira lived with her mother.

Police found the bodies of Melissa Pereira, 25, and Jorge Rodriguez, 24, slumped in the parked car with the ignition on but the engine not running due to a lack of fuel.

Pereira's uncle Sham Bacchus told MailOnline he suspects the couple retreated to the garage for a little fun.

"They're kids," he said. "They might have wanted some quiet time together."