Three killed in 46-car pileup


Interstate 94 Collision

A 46-car pileup in the US state of Indiana has claimed three lives and seen more than 20 others injured.

The mass collision occurred on a frozen interstate highway near Michigan City, around 60 miles from Chicago, in the ongoing bad weather that has caused widespread traffic chaos in the country.

The deceased have been identified as a couple from Michigan – 67-year-old Thomas Wolma and his wife Marilyn, 65 – and a man from Chicago, Jerry Dalrymple.

All were killed in their vehicles in the massive collision, which occurred in heavy snow and whiteout conditions, and involved a number of fully-loaded heavy goods vehicles.

Eastbound lanes of the I-94 highway remained closed over the following morning while emergency services attended to the injured and began clearing up the wreckage.

Drivers caught up in the resultant tailbacks could do nothing but attempt to stay warm in their cars as the temperature dropped to a bitter -12C.

Witnessing the crash in his rear-view mirror, 17-year-old Scott Collins, of Chesterton, Indiana, had a very lucky escape:

"One of the semis started sliding and I think it jackknifed in the middle of the road and collided with another semi, he said. "After that happened, multiple semis locked up. ... We were pretty nervous," reported The Guardian.

Of the 20-30 people injured in the pile-up, those with the most life threatening injuries were evacuated to hospital by medical helicopter.