Woman swept off road by 'avalanche of farm slurry'


An unnamed woman from Cappamore, County Limerick, is recovering at home after her Ford Fiesta was swept off the road by an avalanche of slurry from a nearby farm.

The road in east Limerick remains closed after an estimated 50,000 gallons of slurry burst from a ruptured tank that was perched atop a hill on a nearby farm.

Witnesses say that the surge of slurry was so powerful it carried the Ford Fiesta off the road and into a field at around 9.45pm on Monday evening.

A local man who responded to her screams rescued the female driver from the car. Luckily, she wasn't badly injured and is now said to be at home recovering from shock.

Local residents also counted the cost of the unfortunate incident as several houses in the immediate vicinity were damaged by the flow of slurry. Some have estimated the clean up operation will cost several thousand euros.

A source at the scene told the Irish Times: "It must have been like an avalanche. The slurry smashed through the slurry tank wall and it ran down a hill about 50 yards from the road. There was a woman driving a car and she was swept across the road with the force of it. There was a hearse and another car in front of her and they got through it."

A council spokesperson told the Irish Times that engineers have been sent up to the farm to inspect the tank, saying: "Engineers from the council have discussed the matter with the farmer. They have expressed concern about the condition of the tank. It is believed the tank is fifty to sixty years old."