"It's difficult for Clarkson to drift and deliver his lines," reveals Top Gear stunt driver



"A lot of people ask me if Clarkson is actually a good driver," reveals Niki Faulkner, self-confessed stunt double for Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear.
> "He's very good at drifting, but the difficulty is drifting for camera," he adds.

The magic of television might make it look like Hammond, May and Clarkson happily drift around race circuits all day long but the reality, according to Top Gear stunt driver Faulkner, is very different.

"It doesn't make sense for Jeremy to do some of the really time consuming stuff as he just doesn't have time during the filming schedule," reveals Faulkner.

"It's not a case that Jeremy can't do it, in fact he's pretty good at drifting but the difficulty is drifting for camera. You have to be very precise and the car has to be at a certain angle every single time. It's almost impossible to deliver entertaining lines while trying to bag a specific shot."

Niki is the managing director for Driving Wizards, a company that supplies precision drivers to the television and film world. His CV includes the recent Hunt vs. Lauda biopic Rush, The Sweeney and a number of Top Gear episodes and DVDs.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX (3515513x) Journalists taken to the McLaren Technical Centre in Woking. - test driver Niki Faulkner PR Shoot at McLaren Technology Centre, Woking  - 16 Jan 2014

"It's widely known that I do a lot of driving for the Top Gear team now. In fact, most of the work I do involves driving the camera car. There's a lot of skill involved because if Jeremy is hooning a McLaren around a track, I have to make sure the camera car keeps up!"

But when quizzed on whether Niki is the current Stig, the answer is a resolute 'No'.

"I always get asked that question and I will always repeat what Top Gear script writer Richard Porter once told another journalist. He said: 'he's too tall, too chatty and far too comfortable in the presence of the Dutch to be The Stig'".