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British police display 205mph McLaren 12C at Autosport International show

Monday, Jan 13

We said: "West Midlands Police arrived at the Autosport International show at the Birmingham NEC in style this weekend... displaying a £176,000 McLaren MP4-12C."

AOL cars reader anjack6766 said: "Back in the 80s, Norfolk Police had two unmarked cars, one was a beat-up Morris Marina, the other a Ford Capri. The thing was, they had been modified big time (for the 80s). The Marina had the Capri engine and the Capri had a Jaguar engine (don't ask how it was done), they used to patrol on the A11 and it was fun to watch especially the Marina you would see the boy racers hammering along and this Marina pulling up beside them. They would obviously think "what a wreck" and get a big shock when they were pulled over. It must have been the only Marina to go at 100+mph."

Meet the flat pack car you can build in less than an hour

Tuesday, Jan 14

We said: "The Urban Tabby is an experimental vehicle that comes flat packed and can be assembled in various different configurations in less than an hour."

AOL Cars reader Mmckays said: "Lovely concept, but unfortunately vehicle legislation in most parts of the world are likely to make it illegal. It won't pass crash tests, wheels have to be more enclosed, and in much of the EU you're not allowed to build your own car anyway, even if it meets road safety legislation.

"Kit cars used to be popular and some great styling came out in Britain in the 1950s, when new cars were all-but unobtainable and young guys wanting to impress girlfriends would buy an old Ford Pop, strip the body off and fit a stylish sporty two-seater glass fibre body from a myriad of small companies that sprung up to supply the demand - in fact Britain's dominance in racing car manufacture stemmed from the companies that started this way - Lotus, Lola and many more.

"The kit car industry has been unfairly largely killed off outside UK by legislation that favours big manufacturers. Best of luck to these guys!"

Toyota reveals jaw-dropping FT-1 concept in Detroit

Wednesday, Jan 15

We said: The FT-1 concept provides an insight into what an upcoming Supra model may look like should the affordable sports car get the green light from company executives.

AOL Cars reader Cougarproducts said: "Now go have a look at the Citroen GT from 2008 that featured on the Sony PlayStation Game Gran Turismo... Similar huh?"

The stars of the Detroit motor show 2014

Wednesday, Jan 15

We said: "It's one of the most iconic car shows in the motoring calendar – and this year the stars were out in full force in Detroit."

AOL Cars reader Cbrantom said: "James Baggott apparently seems to think that a car that has been in production for 50 years, nine million produced, 6th generation, used in one of the best ever car chase scene ever, just debuted in its home motor show, designed for global appeal, soon to be on sale here in the UK in right hand drive officially for the first time ever not even worthy of a mention. Of course I am talking about the new Ford Mustang but why mention it when you can drone on and on about the usual obvious offerings from BMW, Audi, Mercedes. Personal preference perhaps, you decide.

Editors note: We covered the Mustang when it was officially unveiled in Europe earlier this year. Detroit was all about world premiers. We are just as excited about the Ford Mustang as you are, read the original story here.

Video: Texting driver flips car

Thursday, Jan 16

We said: "Initially tailed on suspicion of being drunk, the driver can be seen veering in and out of lane, driving exceptionally slowly, and generally giving the impression he's not quite concentrating."

AOL Cars reader ericjohnangell said: "Yet I see drivers phoning/texting all the time in this country. As it's been proven to be more dangerous than drink-driving, it should carry the same penalty... disqualification and a massive fine."