The top ten most shocking dash-cam videos (part 1)


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From protecting yourself from insurance scams to simply documenting the antics of the worst drivers amongst us, everyone has their own reasons for buying a dash cam.

And in a time when 'crash-for-cash' accidents are becoming more and more commonplace, the little gadgets are rapidly becoming a sound investment.

In fact, the footage downloaded from dashboard-mounted cameras has transcended the world of YouTube and is now being requested by police forces up and down the country to help them prosecute dangerous motorists.

While often entertaining, some of the footage (particularly the stuff from Russia) can be shocking, with everything from driver over-reactions to huge pile-ups all captured.

Below Megan Manneh has collated some of the most hair-raising footage committed to camera.

1- Fighting never solves anything

Road rage is prevalent all over the world, but as this clip proves, it is particularly nasty in Russia. A Ford Focus driver finds himself blocked by a large bus so decides to give the driver a piece of his mind.... and fist.

2- How not to cross the road

Icy roads can be treacherous at the best of times and this next clip proves exactly why as a woman crosses the slippery road only to suddenly find herself under the wheels of a moving vehicle. Luckily she wasn't seriously injured.

3- Front row seat

Accidents at high speeds don't tend to end well and this next video shows just that as a car is thrown into the middle of a pile-up on the motorway. The unsuspecting driver has little chance to react after a lorry is thrown of course.

4- Close shave

Child safety is always a major concern when driving with a youngster, and this clip proves it pays to be safe. After a car crashes into a lorry a young girl is thrown from the vehicle and into oncoming traffic. She is miraculously unharmed and crawls to safety.

5- Moooooo-ve!

Animals can be unpredictable and stubborn when they want to be, especially near roads. This driver got more than he bargained for when onto the road walk two cows... in the heat of the moment.

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