Woman 'killed sister' in tragic overtaking accident


Rosie-Ann Stone trial

A jury at Hull Crown Court has heard how a woman allegedly 'killed her sister' in a tragic coincidence when she smashed into her sibling as they both attempted to overtake a slow moving lorry.

Rosie-Ann Stone, 20, has gone on trial accused of causing the death of her sister Jennie Stone by careless driving.

The incident occurred on the A165, in East Yorkshire, between Hull and Bridlington at around 9.15am on February 18 last year and began when Rosie-Ann's Vauxhall Astra and Jennie's Peugeot 206 were in a queue of traffic behind a slow moving lorry.

According to witnesses, Rosie-Ann pulled out of the queue to overtake the heavy goods vehicle without looking behind her, resulting in a collision with Jennie's Peugeot 206 that had already begun an overtaking manoeuvre.

The jury heard how the vehicles were side-by-side at one point, before Jennie hit a crash barrier and lost control at speeds of 'over 60mph', said Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting.

According to The Daily Mail, Mr Sharp told the jury: "Her car veered back to the correct side of the road, in front of the lorry, and then it went off the road. There it ran into a tree at the roadside.

"The impact was very great and the car was badly damaged. Sadly, Jennie sustained multiple injuries and was killed. The young driver who pulled out without looking is the defendant, Rosie-Ann Stone."

"It is right you know at the outset of this case that the other driver who died was, by tragic coincidence, the defendant's elder sister, Jennie Stone," he added.

The prosecutor explained that the two sisters had been travelling in separate cars because Jennie had recently moved to the area and Rosie-Ann had been helping her with the relocation.

According to the Hull Daily Mail Mr Sharp said: "This case is about a young driver who pulled out from a traffic queue without looking. When she did so she collided with another vehicle who was trying to pass her."

Rosie-Ann denies one charge of causing death by careless driving. The case has been adjourned.