Man charged after causing ice chaos


Pool Drained Car Accidents

A swimming pool maintenance worker has been charged with reckless endangerment after draining a pool out onto a public road in freezing conditions.

Alfredo Bahena-Benitez pumped the large volume of water onto the road while conducting servicing work, which solidified almost instantly in the cold snap much of the US is currently experiencing, creating a large ice sheet across the road.

Three separate car accidents then occurred, with one car spinning 180 degrees and another motorist being taken to hospital, during the morning rush hour on Thursday.

The area affected by the ice was so large that emergency services had difficulty getting close to stricken cars.

Its location, near a series of S bends on the downhill stretch of road, also made the ice particularly hazardous for motorists.

First responder Eric Montgomery described tackling the incident to local news website "We put down treated salt, which is green.

"This treated salt is safe but it will refreeze after a while, so we need to put sand on top of it."

Despite a posted speed limit of 25mph on the affected stretch of road, Montgomery witnessed drivers approaching the ice hazard at speeds of up to 40mph.

Benitez is due in court on January 21.