Video: Dodge Viper crushed by giant claw


Crushed Dodge Viper

It's the sort of footage that would make even the most casual petrolhead wince: a V10 Dodge Viper being cruelly destroyed by a giant hydraulic claw.

Yes, it seems somewhere in America, people are getting more entertainment from crushing fast cars than they are from restoring or driving them.

While the doomed model was clearly an unloved example – exhibiting faded paintwork and sitting on mismatched wheels – it is unclear why it met its maker in such a cold and brutal way, with neither the cameraman nor machine operator offering any explanation.

Worse still, the uploader stated in the video's description that there were "4 more to go", suggesting that this isn't the only exotic automobile that's going to meet its end at the hands of heavy plant machinery.

Click play below, but be warned: some viewers will find the footage distressing.

The sadistic readers amongst you may enjoy the following video we found that includes ten solid minutes of supercar destruction... enjoy!