Learner driver and supervisor both found drunk in car


drinking and driving   car keys ...

A learner driver has been caught behind the wheel while twice over the legal alcohol limit following a police crackdown over the festive period in Bathgate, Scotland.

To make matters worse, the full license-holding passenger who was supposed to be supervising the novice driver also failed a breath test at around 2am on January 1.

The case was just one of the 434 drunk drivers that were caught across Scotland during the Christmas period crackdown, marking a seven per cent reduction on the previous year.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill told the Edinburgh News, "As well as a new marketing campaign, which ran across TV, radio, online and in bars over the festive period to support Police Scotland's enforcement activity, we have partnered with over a thousand private and public sector organisations and worked with the media over the past four weeks to hammer the message home.

"Unfortunately, some people have chosen not to heed the warnings and they now face tough consequences which include a lengthy criminal record. The good news is they are no longer on our roads and no longer pose a threat to the safety of themselves and others."

The drunken learner driver and his or her equally inebriated supervisor joined a long list of revellers who were caught over the legal limit.

A 50-year-old man was caught more than twice the legal limit in Edinburgh after he crashed his car into another vehicle, while another driver was apprehended after running a red light in front of police officers.

All of the aforementioned drink-drivers are yet to be named and all await prosecution.