Mechanic finds dead rat in car engine bay


When Nick Houghton was asked to investigate a nasty niff in a customer's car, he immediately smelt a rat. And in actual fact, a rotting rodent did turn out to be the source of the stench.

The Mercedes C-Class car was taken into Mercedes-Benz of Blackpool by a customer who had noticed an awful smell whenever it was taken for a spin.

And it didn't take long for Nick to work out what was going on, with the mechanic tweeting a picture of the unfortunate creature once he'd done a bit of detective work.

The image was favourited six times and earned eight retweets.

Houghton tweeted: "Customer complains of nasty smell in car when engine is hot.

"Dead rat. Stiff as a board. Nice surprise for first job of the day."

This isn't the first time an animal, dead or alive, has caused mechanics a few problems. We reported late last year about a sheep that had escaped from a local slaughter house and caused carnage at a garage in Detroit.

And then there was the owl that somehow managed to get stuck in a car grille in Florida, requiring expert extraction by local mechanics.

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