Even the police are a hazard on Russian roads


Cameras mounted to the dashboards of Russian cars have captured pretty much everything from meteorites striking the earth to cows making love in the middle of the road.

The popularity of these online video clips has not only served to entertain the digital masses but also act as a warning to anyone thinking of renting a car and driving across Russia anytime soon as most of the footage captured involves terrible driving, massive smashes and completely un-roadworthy vehicles.

The latest clip to surface online reveals that eastern European drivers have one more thing to look out for: the police.

It's a typical scene - the roads are covered in snow, there isn't a gritter in sight yet cars continue to drive at speed along the dangerous surface.

A car passes at a pace with a rickety old police car in hot pursuit but rather than follow protocol, the Russian fuzz decides to pull up alongside the offending vehicle and give the driver a verbal lashing.

Little does the officer know but there is a car travelling in the opposite direction. The inevitable happens, the police car swerves, loses control and spins off into the snowy bank much to the amazement of the following driver and passenger.

Watch the video below