Car wash worker stabbed over water-splash argument


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A 17-year-old drive-through car wash worker was stabbed in the face after a petty argument over getting splashed with water turned nasty.

The unnamed teenager was working at the Romiley Car Wash on Stockport Road in Manchester on New Year's Eve when the scuffle broke out just after midday.

Witnesses say that an argument started with a verbal altercation over getting splashed by water, which soon escalated into a fight with other staff intervening in an attempt to break it up.

The teenager was stabbed in the face and another man was stabbed in the arm. Both were taken to hospital to be treated for cuts but were later discharged.

Steve Palmer, from Stockport's east area neighbourhood police told The Manchester Evening News: "There was a dispute at a car wash when someone got squirted with water.

"There was no serious injuries but someone had a knife and there was a scuffle."

Police are currently calling for witnesses to step forward as they continue to make enquiries. So far there have been no arrests but police are keen to speak to one suspect.

A spokeswoman for North West Ambulance Service confirmed paramedics attended the car wash at around 1pm.

She said: "We received reports of a male who had been stabbed in the face. He was taken by ambulance to Stepping Hill Hospital.

"The hospital was not put on stand-by in preparation for his arrival, which would have indicated much more serious injuries."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.