Journalist 'dressed as a priest' attempted to gain entry to Michael Schumacher's hospital room


Michael Schumacher skiing accident

Michael Schumacher's long-standing press chief and manager, Sabine Kehm, has told reporters that, "apparently a journalist dressed as a priest had tried to gain access to Michael's room."

The former F1 star is currently in a medically induced coma in Grenoble Hospital in France following a nasty skiing accident on Sunday.

Journalists from around the globe descended on the hospital following the news of the incident and have been demanding regular updates from both the doctors and Schumacher's management team.

Medical staff wrapped up a press conference on Tuesday with a plea to the world's media to "remain patient" so they can effectively treat the racing driver.

Sabine Kehm, who was fielding questions from reporters, revealed the lengths that some journalists had gone to in order to gain an exclusive story, revealing that one had apparently donned a priest's costume in an attempt to bypass security.

She said: "I wouldn't have ever imagined something like this could happen."

Sky Sports News has reported that neither the journalist nor the publication concerned have been identified.

Shedding light on the ex-Formula 1 star's accident, Kehm revealed to Sky Sports News that witnesses close to Schumacher at the time of his fall said he was travelling at slow speed and that the accident was "extremely unfortunate."

She said: "It was extremely unfortunate circumstances and not because he was speeding too much. It was something, I have spoken to several people - including ski instructors - and they say it can happen at 10kph. It is just very, very unfortunate."