Homeowner's anguish as eighteenth motorist smashes into garden


A WORRIED homeowner is calling for action after a rogue driver became the EIGHTEENTH motorist to crash into his garden.

CAPTION John Atherton surveys the damage from the latest crash

Pic from MEN Syndication

Mitchell Henry House
Hollinwood Avenue

Life on Worsely Road in Worsely, Manchester is fairly normal for most residents but former university lecturer John Atherton, 67, and his wife Gillian, 65, have been driven to distraction by out-of-control motorists who insist on crashing into their garden.

The couple have lived in their home for 33 years but in that time a staggering eighteen cars have lost control and ploughed into their garden with the most recent accident occurring last September.

The Athertons have said they have had to stump up hundreds of pounds replacing fence panels, concrete posts and hedges following the accidents.

To make matters worse, the couple have had trouble claiming costs back through insurance policies as many of the stricken vehicles were stolen by joyriders and chased by police prior to losing control.

Father-of-two Mr Atherton told The Manchester Evening News: "Every 18 months or so since we moved in someone has come through the fence.

"It's because of where we're situated on the bend but we're really fed up of it now.

"It's normally two or three o'clock in the morning and we hear the bang and think 'there goes the fence again.'

"It's become a bit of a joke with our friends and neighbours but it's really dangerous."

In the most recent case, police pursued 23-year-old Jake Egan after he failed to stop. He drove at speeds of up to 80mph and on the wrong side of the road before losing control and embedding the Ford Mondeo he was piloting into the Atherton's hedge.

Egan tried to flee on foot before being caught by police and later admitted dangerous driving and driving with no insurance at Manchester Crown Court.

He was for six months and disqualified from holding a driving licence for two years.

Mr Atherton told The Mirror: "This was by far the worst and caused the most damage so it doesn't surprise me that he was jailed."