The best car adverts of 2013


With the rise of Sky+ and personal video recording devices, chances are most people fast forward the advert breaks these days.

That's a shame because while it's ok to skip the latest Cillit Bang ad with a hollering Barry Scott, it does mean you'll miss out on some pretty clever car clips too.

Manufacturers spend millions every year creating clever adverts with the hope they'll stick in your mind and make you buy their wares.

This year has thrown up some particular gems, so here, in no particular order whatsoever, are our top five from 2013.

Audi R8 V10

Simple, slick and effective, this emotive video from Audi centres around the beautiful sound its Lamborghini-derived V10 engine makes at full chat and gives viewers a peek inside the engine bay, too. The glowing, fire-spitting exhausts are a particular highlight.

Jaguar F-Type

This is less of a commercial, more of a short film – but it's brilliant. Produced by Ridley Scott and starring Damian Lewis, this F-Type showcase even had its own song produced by Lana Del Rey. Not only does the car look and sound incredible, but the film even had a proper story line. We love it.

Dodge Durango

"This thing goes on for INCHES," it's quite a claim from Ron Burgandy, but thankfully in this case he's talking about the Dodge Durango's glovebox. The star of Anchorman 2 signed up to help Dodge promote its cars this year ahead of the release of the sequel and they worked brilliantly as Ron picks the less obvious highlights of the car.

Honda CR-V

When it comes to clever adverts, those Honda boys know a thing or two about creating a winner. A few years back we were all marveling at The Cog (worth watching if you haven't seen it), but this year it's this smart ad. Using optical illusions Honda make you look twice as the CR-V drives off tables and through bollards. Strange.

Honda Hands

Ok, we tried really hard not to include two adverts from the same manufacturer, but as we said above, Honda is just so darn good at this! You'll know these adverts from the beginning of documentaries on Channel 4 where hands make Honda products from other Honda products, but whereas on TV you only see one, in this video, all have been stitched together. Well worth a watch...