Brazen thieves steal pensioner's Smart car... and help themselves to mince pies


Phillip Dunne visits mince pie factory

An elderly man from Bulwell, Nottingham awoke to find thieves had stolen his Smart car and had the cheek to help themselves to mince pies from his fridge on the way out.

Dennis Dunstan, 70, explained that burglars had climbed thorough the kitchen window in his flat overnight and helped themselves to £150 from his wallet, a laptop, a camera and the keys to his Smart car.

To make matters worse, when he later opened his fridge, he found an empty plate covered in mince pie crumbs.

"I realised they'd been helping themselves to what was in there as well," he told The Nottingham Post.

"Three mince pies and a can of shandy were gone."

"I thought it was really cheeky stealing from me and then going for food like that. It really put me down. I still feel bad about it now and I'm worried about being targeted again.

"You just end up feeling you can't do anything about it."

Nottingham Police are currently investigating the break-in but have revealed that Mr Dunstan's Smart car was abandoned nearby but thieves had made off with the other stolen items.

Mr Dunstan added: "What would have happened if they had come across me? They could have stabbed me if I'd have seen them."

A local branch of Tesco has offered to help replace some of the foodstuff stolen from Mr Dunstan's fridge and has created a festive hamper – that includes mince pies and some shandy – to help the pensioner through the Christmas period.

Mr Dunstan collected the hamper yesterday, adding: "I'm surprised and really pleased, it's a really nice gesture."