The Top 5 Cars in Rap Videos


The modern rapper lives for excess. Lyrics in songs revolve around money, cars, yachts and houses while rappers generally drape themselves in gold chains and wear the most expensive clothes money can buy when venturing out in public.
> We know full well that not all purveyors of hip-hop music or the rap scene adopt or necessarily agree with this luxurious, jet-setting mind-set but a quick scan through any current video reveals that this trend for profligacy is still very much alive.

Central to many of these music videos is the motorcar but not any old everyday run around, we're talking the likes of Maybach's Exelero, Mercedes' beautiful 300SL and the ultra-rare Saleen S7.

Below are some of the finest cameos...

Maybach Exelero as seen in Jay Z's video for Lost One

When German tyre manufacturer Fulda needed to test a new range of ultra-wide rubber, it turned to Maybach to create something very special. The result was the twin turbo V12-engined Maybach Exelero and it was this very car that featured in Jay-Z's video for Lost One. The car takes centre stage throughout the video and why not? It's reportedly worth around £6 million and with an engine that produces upwards of 700bhp, it is the ultimate show of wealth.

Mercedes-Benz 300SL as seen in Kanye West's video for Diamonds from Sierra Leone

Rappers are often accused of having, ahem, an underdeveloped sense of class. Just look at the amount of Cristal that is consumed in music videos and the current trend for diamond encrusted teeth. But a certain Kanye West proved he has exquisite taste when he featured the drop-dead gorgeous Mercedes 300SL in the video for Diamonds from Sierra Leone. The car in question is now extremely limited in number, with pristine examples selling for upwards of £3 million so it is even more of a shame that Kanye insists on 'driving' it with the doors up and 'smashing' one through a shop window. Hooligan.

Jaguar XKE as seen in A$AP Rocky's video for Goldie

A$AP Rocky (the Dollar sign isn't a typo, by the way) has been blazing a trail in the hip-hop community of late with his abstract lyrics, eerie samples and 'high fashion' sartorial sense. The video for 'Goldie' celebrates all things materialistic but the one thing that caught our eye was the pristine jet black Jaguar XKE Mr Rocky can be seen cruising around Paris in. When quizzed by fashion website Mr Porter as to why he didn't opt for the typical Ferrari or Lamborghini, A$AP answered, "I don't like new cars, I'm into vintage cars". Fair enough.

Saleen S7 as seen in 50 Cent's video for Candy Shop

The video for 'Candy Shop' was very popular with the male population when it landed in 2005 and we can only assume that's because of the lightening quick Saleen S7 sports car that proudly takes centre stage. The 7-litre, twin-turbo V8 that sits underneath the Saleen's bonnet produces 750bhp and remains one of the fastest cars to ever be put into production to this day.

Chevrolet Impala as seen in Dr Dre's video for Let Me Ride

Hip-hop and Lowriders go together like cheese and toast. It all started when Chevrolets and Buicks of the late 60s and 1970s were adopted by rappers on the west coast of the USA, such as Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, who quickly set about customising them with 'candy' paintjobs and hydraulic suspension systems. A great example is the pristine 1964 Chevrolet Impala that is driven by Dr Dre in the video for 'Let Me Ride'. The car takes centre stage, rolling through the streets of Los Angeles jacked up onto two wheels, impressing the opposite sex with its hydraulic ballet.