Hit and run driver caught on CCTV


Hit and run CCTV

The moment a motorist deliberately ran over a pedestrian on a street in Cambridge has been captured on CCTV.

Adam Reeve, of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, swerved his white van directly into his victim, throwing him into the air, on the town's Falcon Road in June last year.

He then sped off and attempted to evade detection by police by re-spraying his van to alter its appearance. His 25-year-old victim spent six days in hospital.

It is not known exactly why the 22-year-old decided to run his van into the group, who had moments before run over to him and his associates after mistaking them for another group of friends.

When arrested, Reeve initially denied any involvement with the hit and run. He later changed his story, claiming that an unnamed friend had been driving while he sat in the passenger seat.

He denied causing grievous bodily harm and dangerous driving, but was found guilty after a trial at Cambridge Crown Court. He admitted perverting the course of justice in attempting to change the appearance of his van.

Reeve was handed down a 12-year custodial sentence and was banned from driving for five years.

Detective Constable James Bennett, who investigated, said: "The CCTV images show just how shocking Reeve's actions on the night were. He deliberately drove into the victim who was thrown into the air by the impact," reported Cambridge News.

"It is miraculous that he did not suffer more serious, or even fatal, injuries.

"Reeve tried to cover his tracks by changing the appearance of his vehicle and has continued to deny his actions, despite overwhelming evidence against him.

"He has shown no remorse and is now facing a considerable amount of time behind bars."

Click play below to watch CCTV footage of the hit and run incident. Be warned, however, that some viewers may find the content distressing.