Corvette Stingray breaks 200mph after receiving the Hennessey treatment


Hennessey Stingray

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is a fast car by anyone's standard, however, for American car-tuning giants Hennessey, its 180mph top speed wasn't quite enough.

The Texas-based company wanted to surpass the 200mph mark in the new Corvette, which meant heavy modifications to its 6.2-litre V8 engine.

Hennessey opted for its HPE600 package, which boosted the car's power output from 460bhp to a heady 600bhp. Alterations to the standard SRT8 engine included long-tube headers, ported cylinder heads, high-flow catalysts, a custom camshaft and a bespoke ECU.

Just in case 600bhp wasn't enough, the addition of a nitrous oxide injection system gives the engine an extra 100bhp, leaving the driver stuck to the back of their seat and the fire breathing Corvette sporting 240bhp more than it left the factory with.

It is no surprise that Hennessey has yet again produced a seriously quick car, which joins its previous mentalist creations such as the Lotus Exige-based Venom GT, which is currently the fastest from 0-186mph, taking just 13.63 seconds.

Hennessey was keen to show off its new uber-Chevy, and took to a (closed) public toll-road in Texas to crank it up to its top speed. As you can see from the footage below, it manages some very impressive numbers.

Click play to watch Hennessey's video of the Corvette's high-speed run.