AOL's cars of 2013 part 2


F Type

Welcome to the second part of our rundown of the best cars we've been driving in 2013. This time we're focussing on the more niche areas of the market, from battery-powered EVs to the most exotic supercars. Has your car made the list? Keep reading to find out.

Nissan Leaf

1-Nissan Leaf (From £15,995 with £5k government grant)
Vast improvements have been made to this second-gen Leaf, with the battery powered car now taking just four hours to charge and offering an extended driving range of 124 miles. We are hoping it will make more motorists begin to see the benefit of electric driving.

2-Renault Zoe (From £13,995 with £5k government grant)
A staple of our long-term fleet, the Zoe has happily (and silently) transported members of staff on the daily commute. We've also been impressed with its ride and handling chops.

3-Renault Twizy (From £6,895 with £5k government grant)
The most futuristic and fun car we've been lucky enough to sample this year. It's slightly impractical but everyone who sees it is desperate for a go.


Porsche 911 Turbo S

1-Porsche 911 Turbo S (From: £140,852)
The ballistic range-topping iterant of the 911 leaves you sitting in the belly of a beast. A monstrous car that offers aggressive but attractive features, and a drive that can sometimes prove a little too hot to handle.

2-Nissan GT-R (From: £76,610)
Nissan's GT-R remains a giant slayer, a performance car that can match and beat machines twice the price. A Nismo version is due out next year and we expect that to be even more ferocious.

3-Audi R8 V8 Spyder (From: £92,710)
A sweet V8 engine, iconic and timeless looks and the possibility to drop the roof when the sun comes out. What more could you want?


Jaguar F-Type

1-Jaguar F-Type (From: £58,520)
We knew the F-Type was going to be exciting but exactly how exciting was misinterpreted. It is just so much fun to drive, it sounds brilliant and the power from the V6 engine is just stunning. A future classic.

2-Porsche Boxster (From: £38,237)
No longer the poor man's Porsche, the latest Boxster looks the part and can embarrass far more powerful vehicles when the road gets twisty.

3-Aston Martin Vanquish Volante (From: £199,995)
The quintessentially British sports car is back with a bang. Stylistically it betters even the most desirable Astons and boasts the performance to match.

SUVs and 4x4s

Range Rover Sport

1-Range Rover Sport (From: £51,550)
Asked to find a fault with the new Range Rover Sport, our fearless reporter said: "the plastic feel of the paddle shifters is a bit cheap." That's all he could come up with; this really is the benchmark SUV.

2-Volvo XC60 (From: £31,110)
The elegant Volvo offers a refreshingly discreet alternative to the usual premium SUV fodder and it's bestowed with a spacious cabin that is beautifully put together.

3-Kia Sportage (from: £17,495)
The Sportage may not sit in the same luxurious category as the Range Rover or Volvo but it provides a great drive, tons of practicality and modern looks at a snip of the price.


Jaguar XJ

1-Jaguar XJ (From: £56,865)
Gone are the days of stuffy, walnut-infested cabins and instead we have cutting-edge design, opulent interiors and size-shrinking handling abilities. We loved our time with the XJ but fell even further for the potent XJ-R model.

2-Audi A8 (from: £58,800)
The third generation A8 comes with a bundle of new tech, more efficient engines and super stylish design tweaks that make it the must-have luxury saloon.

3-Skoda Superb (from: £19,810)
The Superb makes a whole lot of sense if you're in the market for an environmentally aware, attractive, classy and well-built vehicle.