Xmas shopper left baffled by damage caused by height restriction barriers


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An unfortunate Christmas shopper has been left with a severely damaged car after trying to exit an enclosed car park in Exeter.

David White had taken his family out for a shopping trip in his Toyota people carrier and parked at the city's Guildhall car park.

Despite being able to fit under all three height restriction warning signs on the way into the parking structure, Mr White came a cropper as he attempted to exit, clipping his car against the roof's support struts.

He said: "My car went under all without touching any. When we came to leave, with our shopping, the vehicle hit nearly every roof beam on the way out, ripping off the roof bars, and badly damaging the roof of my vehicle," reported the Exeter Express and Echo.

"I obviously wasn't happy about the damage, and stopped the vehicle outside of the car park, and went back in on foot to discuss the matter with the manager, Paul Mackie, who was very helpful and understanding. We walked around the car park together so I could show him where my vehicle had struck the ceiling."

Unfortunately, however, the car park's insurance has since contacted Mr White, and have stated that as the height restriction was clearly marked, they are not liable for the damaged caused to his vehicle.

"It seems absurd that you can enter under all the height restrictions, therefore suggesting your vehicle is under the maximum height, but not exit," continued Mr White, who wants to highlight the issue to other drivers.

This is the third complaint Exeter City Council has received from motorists over its car parks in a single week. Two other families returned from Christmas shopping to find their cars had been locked inside a car park when it had closed for the evening, due to a mix-up over extended Christmas shopping hours.