A Kia sports car in the near future?


Kia concept car

Kia will be showing off its new sports car concept at the Detroit motor show in January.

The Korean car manufacturer has spoken of launching a sports car for quite some time, and now it seems that it has finally decided on the design.

The new 2+2 car has been designed by Kia's California studio and the company hopes that the cars "emotional" styling will attract new customers.

There is currently a lack of information surrounding the sporty concept, but Kia has released a birds-eye view teaser photo that asks more questions than it answers.

In addition to the photo, Kia has said that the car "is intended to turn heads whilst delivering superb driving experience on both the road and track".

Speaking earlier this year to AOL Cars, executive vice president of Kia, Thomas Oh, said: "We have seen big growth in the B/C/D segments in Western Europe and it's here I think where a sports car would work for Kia."

He continued: "There is still a lot of work to be done by the brand first in terms of improving image and quality perceptions – but that will lay a path for more exciting cars in the future."

Kia's new sporty concept is a clear sign that they want to create a true sports car to compete in the market, let's hope that this one actually amounts to something.

Harry Boucher