Cab driver caught speeding seven times in eight days


Hashim Amin Hammad, leaving Portsmouth Magistrates Court after being found guilty of seven counts of speeding through average speed cameras on the M275, Portsmouth.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.

Pictured: Hashim Amin Hammad, leaving Portsmouth Magistrates.

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A Hampshire taxi driver who was caught speeding seven times in eight days has been banned from driving for six months.

41-year-old Hashim Hammad was caught driving his Fiat Stilo Hackney Carriage at speeds of between 46mph and 53mph through road works on the M275 in Portsmouth, which had a temporary 40mph limit in place.

Portsmouth Magistrates' Court heard that upon receiving notices of intended prosecution relating to the offences, he responded by claiming that someone else was driving.

However, a police investigation later revealed that no one under the name he had given for the driver was licenced to drive the taxi.

He also later returned a court summons issued to him with the words 'does not live here' written on it.

He later admitted in a police interview to making up the other driver and to the original speed offences.

Giles Fletcher, prosecuting, told the court: "He started by admitting all speeding offences. He said he did make up the driver," reported The News

"He said he was worried he would lose his licence, and this would affect his wife and four children.

"He admitted he lied. He said he couldn't help himself but he did apologise for the problems he caused."

Hammad claimed he did not know what the average speed cameras were in place for, when questioned by the chairman of the bench Stephen Waller.

Mr Waller responded: "You are a professional driver. You are required by law to know the rules."

Hammad, who has no previous convictions, admitted to a total of eight separate speeding offences, and also to obstructing a police officer in the execution of their duty.

As well as being banned from driving, he had his licence endorsed with 21 penalty points and was fined £280. He was also ordered to pay costs of £65 and a £28 victim surcharge.

Hammad isn't the only person to have been caught speeding by the roadworks cameras on the M275. Just last month a Portsmouth woman sentenced after being caught speeding on the road eight times in four months. You can read her laughable excuse for her crime in our story here.